Work-in-Progress: Standardized

In an alternate future, in the United Standardized States of America (USSA), the entire population trains to take a brutal, and mandatory government exam, which tests all aspects of each individual’s human ability and intelligence - physical and mental - and thus, grading their value to society. If you score high enough, you are branded with your score, and welcomed as an asset to society. If you don’t meet the minimum score grade, your life is terminated, as you are deemed a burden to the over-saturated world. However, not everything is black and white, and not every exam is fair.

This past semester I have been working on my Junior Film project. This film was taken from development through post-production in a single semester, and it was a great learning experience for me. 

I took on the role of producer and post-production supervisor. As a producer I was in charge of organizing the crew, managing the budget, and taking care of various logistical issues during the production. I had to anticipate any problem that might come up and be prepared to solve it before it interrupted the creative workflow of the director or other crew members.

As post-production supervisor (which in this case also meant editor) I have been overseeing the film's digital life. There are also too many specific tasks to mention here, but a lot of the responsibility is the same as a producer, simply applied differently to a different stage of production.

This film contains more visual effects than any other film I've previously worked on. Since it's set in the future, you might think it would be obvious to have visual effects, but the futuristic concept of the film is much simpler than that. The script was designed to minimize the effects work and show the setting in a different way. Most of our visual effects shots are simply replacing the contents of a screen.

It's always exciting to see a film come together in the final stages. This time of year tends to remind me of previous semesters and the projects that came with it. One day I'll think back to this project and remember it just as fondly.