Broadcast Media

 I have always been drawn towards the technological side of filmmaking, and it didn't take me long to figure out that the same skills could be applied towards broadcast news media. In some ways it's even harder because news programming aims to be high quality but produced in an extremely short amount of time. I love this workflow because it stresses efficiency and allows me to use my keyboard shortcuts, export presets, and other time-saving techniques.

I started with Journalism during my senior year of high school. My family had moved to a new town and my previous school activities were no longer an option. Due to my love for technology I agreed to help the school newspaper with their website. Throughout that year I learned a great deal about design for both print and web, placing in state competitions with my work.

When I arrived at Huntington University, my knowledge and experience were used immediately to manage HTV’s new website. During my first year with the HTV news team I assisted in building their online presence as they made the transition from a broadcast only format to the addition of shorter web stories.

HTV's most popular episode was an April Fool's show that we created. All of us on the team had a blast making up the stories, especially since the rumors that we started were actually taken seriously by many students and even some faculty.

Over 2 years, HTV grew stronger than ever before. The long overdue upgrade to HD cameras was approved, which allowed us to relaunch the show back into regular weekly segments. With this relaunch came new HD graphics that I was able to create after lengthy training on Ross Xpression Prime. It was also during this time that I began to direct the show. As the director, I called out cues to the team over headsets enabling the crew to function in unison during the live recording. Both of these experiences were invaluable as I continued through the programs at Huntington. I always find excitement in learning new things about technology; which the Carbonite switcher and Xpression graphics program allow me to do as I am continually experimenting with them.

By the end of my 2nd year at Huntington,  plans to unveil a new program was announced. They were changing the broadcasting department to "Fusion Media" in order to be more inclusive with the new types of media that corporate jobs, news stations, and ad agencies would be looking for. Since it was such a new concept, I was commissioned to create this short documentary/promo explaining the change.

With the new program name came another transitional period for the news show. All of the entities of the broadcast department were placed under the umbrella of the Forester Digital Network. This included the campus radio station and the live-streamed sports operation, as well as HTV news. We began a rebranding process to help promote the school's shift to Broadcast Fusion Media. HTV News became Forester Digital Network News (FDN News). This change also brought about the need for more graphics, as well as the opportunity to build a new set. I shot yet another promo video to help introduce the new brand. 

As I leave Huntington behind, I hear amazing plans for the future of our broadcast equipment. These major upgrades will allow for much more usage of the studio space resulting in better options for recording and live-streaming content. I'm encouraged by the progress that was made in my short time as a leader in the program. One day I hope be a part of another great team.