Through a partnership with the Kansas District of Nazarene, I am offering an entry level web-design package for all churches in the district. This entry level package offers a 70% savings from my standard package to help smaller churches start or improve their web presence.


  • Custom designed to best meet the needs of your church

  • Edit capabilities for you to update content on your site instantly

  • Additional functionality available by request

  • FREE 30-day trial


Payment is due when you are ready to publish your site or at the end of the trial period, whichever comes first. Changes can be made to your site after it is published, but major design change requests may result in an additional design fee.

All billing is handled through invoices, I never ask for your credit card number and there are no hidden fees. If you think you're ready to get started—even if you still have questions—click the link below to send me a message.